Bowling Entertainment Center

Bowling Entertainment Center includes traditional bowling, boutique bowling, and FEC elements. 

The main reason this concept works is because it appeals to different slices of the audience in different day parts.

A typical FEC slows down and dies off around 9pm or earlier during school days. 

The hope is that revenues are captured Friday from 5p to Sunday before 6p. This is the typical window of opportunity. 

Built for adults, but with plenty of family appeal, such businesses attract a wider audience and keep them for as long as possible. 

Corporations are constantly looking for Team Building Events to offer to their employees and a good Hybrid or FEC can capitalize on this. 

A great concept that can capture this clientele base needs a great buffet menu with many options, a great drink package and several entertainment options. 

This is a corporations dream due to the diversity of options for the group they are bringing.

Traditional FEC’s probably need more than a new menu and marketing plan to be able to increase adult appeal. 

Overall atmosphere/interior design, attraction mix, arcade game mix, redemption merchandise selection and much more usually need to be addressed for a successful transition.

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Anuncios ¿Está tu web adaptada al móvil?

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Cada día millones de personas utilizan sus dispositivos móviles para conectarse a Internet. ¿Esta tu web adaptada al móvil? es una iniciativa de Google.

Jose Luis Infantes’s insight:

Gran parte de las compras realizadas por nuestros clientes comienzan en los dispositivos móviles, un reciente estudio realizado por Google Think Insights con Nielsen concluye que tres de cada diez búsquedas realizadas desde un terminal móvil terminan con una llamada al establecimiento, una visita a la tienda o una compra online.


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Free Bowling Kids 18 and Under Summer 2013 Registration Open

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Select bowling centers and schools around the country are participating in the first ever Kids Bowl Free program. This program is designed by bowling centers to give back to the community and provide a safe, secure, and fun …
Jose Luis Infantes’s insight:

Yes it’s true! Mobile coupons coming to Kids Bowl Free – When your coupons start to arrive you’ll be able to show your phone if you don’t have a printer or you forget your coupons.

The centers will verify them and then use their pin number to remove the coupons from your account for that day.

Also it will work on any mobile device & you won’t need to download an app. It’s pretty slick : )


NASA – Teaching Newton’s Laws with Bowling and Mars

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On a big screen in one of the theaters at the Hampton CineBistro, a bowling ball rumbles down a lane and mows through a clutch of pins with a satisfying crack and clatter.

Jose Luis Infantes’s insight:

Students from Kraft Elementary School in Hampton learned how Isaac Newton’s laws of motion apply to bowling.

Thank you Mr. Newton !!

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Primero sentimos y luego pensamos

Todo comienza cuando recibimos estímulos, a través de los cinco sentidos, constantemente, éstos se filtran en nuestro cerebro y éste contrasta con su base de datos de carencias, si éstas están relacionadas con él.

Si existe una carencia, se convierte en necesidad, si el estímulo que recibimos es suficientemente fuerte, amplifica la necesidad, para buscar en la base de datos de de experiencias, donde re revisa dónde en el pasado fueron satisfechas esas necesidades.

Todo este proceso interno de nuestro cerebro es la percepción de los estímulos que recibimos y si la percepción es positiva y se amplifica la necesidad, se convierte en deseo, o lo mismo, se convierte en una posibilidad de atraer a un cliente a nuestro producto.

Las motivaciones van ligadas a la búsqueda de emociones, por eso es importante, conocer las sensaciones que experimentan nuestros clientes cuando visitan nuestro Restaurante para amplificarlas y crear valor entorno a nuestros servicios.

Debemos emocionar y comunicar con inteligencia nuestro producto, para que el cliente lo perciba como un estímulo positivo y luego se transforme en una compra.

Bus & Coach – Smart Move . Marketing

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Jose Luis Infantes’s insight:

In-depth market research helps to find out what customers desire and can be used for the customisation of transport services. One way of doing this is with passenger focus groups. Passenger focus groups consist of representative customers and moderators. Transport issues are jointly discussed, feedback is given, brainstorming is done, solutions are presented and examined and finally an agreement is reached on the most important measures to be taken.

Example: Passenger focus groups are used in Berlin for receiving feedback on new mobility and travel measures which have been introduced. During numerous meetings, different stakeholders have the opportunity to express their views on initiatives Berlin is planning to realise for better and cleaner transport.

For more information:

CIVITAS in Europe, A proven framework for progress in urban mobility, p.20

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